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Thing 1 Posted

Thing 1 for our 12 Things SWKLS has been posted!  To find it go here or look under Resources and Services:  12 Things.

12 Things SWKLS

12 Things SWKLS is scheduled to start May 1!  Check back at on May 1 to see Thing 1:  Google Forms.  Check out the 12 Things SWKLS Page to find out more! Over the next 12 months, we’ll be learning a new thing or technology skill each month.   For those of you that …

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Beginner Excel Learning Resources

This post contains links to handouts and resources shared during the Beginner Excel Training.  Please click on the links below to access the material. Handout with exercises Practice Spreadsheets Example Spreadsheets from other libraries Online Tutorials/Resources Microsoft Excel Quick Start Guide Microsoft Excel Tutorials and Videos Excel 2013 Tutorials University of South Dakota Excel 2013 Tutorials …

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Kansas Libraries on Instagram

Here are some SWKLS and Kansas libraries that we have discovered on Instagram.  If you know of others, please comment below or email Janelle  so she can add them to the list ( SWKLS Libraries: Cimarron City Library Stevens County Library Kansas Libraries (in no particular order): Hays Public Library Lawrence Public Library Eudora Public …

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Tech Day 2016 Resources

  Thank you everyone that attended our 2016 Tech Day and helped make it a great success!  All of our presentations and resources have been posted to our website on the Tech Day 2016 Resources page.  If we missed anything or if you have any questions, please let us know.  

How to: Create a Custom Web Address for your Library’s Facebook Page

When you create a Facebook page for your library, Facebook automatically gives it a name that looks something like this:  This isn’t a link that is easy to remember or easy to give out. You can customize this so that your Facebook page web address is easier to remember.  This is called a custom …

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App User Guides and Tutorials Added to Zinio for Libraries Help

Zinio for Libraries has now added user guides and video tutorials for supported device apps.   Your patrons can now print these out or watch the videos to learn more about how the apps work. To find the tutorials: 1.   Go to 2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on …

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Gmail How To: enabling mailto: links

If you’ve been frustrated because you use Gmail  in Chrome and can’t email someone by clicking on email links on a webpage, this post will show you up to remedy the issue. These links are often called mailto: links and you can get around them by copying the email address, but it’s much easier if …

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Tech Day Resources

All of the Tech Day Resources have been added to the SWKLS Tech Day 2015 Resources Page under the Resources and Services Page. We are still missing a few items, but hope to get them added soon.

Changing the Downloads Setting in Chrome

Chrome manages downloads a little bit differently than Internet Explorer does.  Since we are now using Chrome for VERSO 4.0 there is a setting we highly  recommend you change in order to make Chrome work easier when you download anything.     This will come in especially helpful when you’re downloading records from CatExpress or …

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