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Google Search Tips and Tricks

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Introduction: is a very powerful search tool.  In this lesson you’ll learn how to find what you’re looking for on Google.

To receive 2 hrs credit for this lesson, please complete this lesson by the last day of the month at 11:59 pm CST.


  1.  Complete’s Search Better Lesson.
  2. Watch and read Google Tricks That Will Change the Way you Search.
  3. Use the define:function in Google to define library.
  4.  Find out the weather forecast for the weekend in Google.
  5. Do a reverse image search for a book in your library.
  6. Find out what time it is in Sydney, Australia
  7. Complete the Googleaday
  8. Post a comment below answering the following:
    1. What did you learn this lesson?
    2. Which tip do you find being the most useful in the library?
    3. What tip do you plan to share with patrons or other staff members?
  9. Complete this form to verify completion.


  1.  How to search on Google


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  1. I liked Google search tips and all the videos,short, but concise, great music too. These videos would be good to share with patrons as an introduction to searching. I think the lesson about judging online information could be valuable. I will share that news archives go back to the mid 1880s. Our staff might not realize that.

    1. I think the lesson about judging online information could be really valuable, too! I you ever have a patron that has questions about using an iPad, GCL Learn Free also has a great one for iPads. It can be found here:

  2. Learning how to use the -sign and quotes and the other tips on how to refine a search will be useful. Fastfacts and the DEFINE shortcut is very handy. Actually all of the videos and lessons are very useful.
    Using the asterisk for a forgotten word and the image search would be handy for patrons I think. I think that it would useful for patrons to have the link to the GCF class to look at it for themselves

    1. Tish,

      Good job! I think is a site that patrons can get a lot of use out of. I especially like the iPad and Google tutorials they have. They also have some good Office tutorials.

  3. Learning how to use the -sign and define: are good tips. I think that sharing with patrons especially those newer to computers would be a great benefit. Most useful in the library would be the asterick to replace unknown words when a patron doesn’t remember the whole title! I’m not good at guessing the missing words!

  4. I liked the tips on using quotes, Mmnus signs, and asterisks. This should help me narrow down my searches. I couldn’t seem to get the video tutorials to run. I am not interested in the games, though. I don’t play them on my computer or my phone. Older news articles could be useful for possible obituariries in geneology research.

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