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Mikrotik DNS Redirect

August 9, 2013 swkls 0

Recently, we needed to check if any computers inside of a given network were configured to use OpenDNS servers. In our case, the router ( […]

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Mikrotik DNS Failover Script

October 31, 2012 swkls 0

Traditionally, a minimum of two DNS servers are used for any given computer for redundancy. The problem is that Windows computers (and others) will choose […]

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Mikrotik 6to4 IPv6 Setup

August 23, 2012 swkls 0

Today we are looking at how to set up a 6to4 IPv6 tunnel. I will be using  a free service at as the tunnel broker. Hurricane […]

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Mikrotik Policy-Based Routing

July 16, 2012 swkls 0

One of the more interesting features within the RouterOS mangle (packet marking) facility is the ability to mark packets in the pre-routing chain. With this option, we […]