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Board Membership and Responsiblity

The Full System Board of the Southwest Kansas Library System consists of a voting representative of each participating library selected by that library’s board and, for each county levying the system tax, a voting representative appointed by the Governor to represent territory not within the district of a participating library but within the taxing district of the System.  The Full System Board meets in April and October.

The Full System Board has the authority and power, set forth in K.S.A. 75-2550, to
▪  Operate a system of library service to and for participating libraries
▪  Purchase service from a participating library for the benefit of the System
▪  Contribute to or receive and utilize any gifts to the System
▪  Contract with participating libraries, and
▪  Contract with any other System Board.

Additionally, the SWKLS Bylaws grant the Full System Board the authority to:
▪  Pass upon the policies and philosophy of operations of the System as set by the Executive Board
▪  Adopt the annual budget
▪  Approve the annual system plan for services
▪  Elect the Executive Committee (board officers)

The Executive Board of the Southwest Kansas Library System consists of a governor appointee from each county in which the regional system tax is levied, a county representative from those counties, and a county representative from each county in which one or more libraries contract for service.  Each county’s representative is selected from the county’s representatives from public, school, college, private, club and special libraries.

Alternate representatives should be chosen to ensure representation of each library (Full Board) or county (Executive Board) at each meeting.  It is the responsibility of a representative to contact an alternate and pass on the board meeting information when he/she is unable to attend a SWKLS Board meeting.