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Books and magazines are distributed by the Regional Library located in Emporia, Kansas.  The collection contains a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and children, including bestsellers, mysteries, romance,  westerns, christian fiction, science fiction and more.  A complete list of available titles is found on the National Library Service website –Voyager (online catalog).

Patrons can access their own account on the Keystone Library Automation System.  The automation system allows patrons to order books, see what they have checked out, and change their address.

BARD: Patrons can now download digital books and magazines to a flash drive and play them on the digital player.  To learn more about BARD, contact the outreach center at 1-800-657-2533.

Reader advisory service is available to patrons.  If requested, library staff will select titles by genre.  If you would like assistance in selecting titles, call 1-800-657-2533.

Machines: In order to play a talking book, the National Library Service provides free playback machines to all patrons.

Braille: Braille books are provided through the Utah State Library.  To sign up for Braille service,  contact the outreach center at 1-800-657-2533.

Web Braille: Web Braille is a web-based service that provides, in an electronic format, braille books, music scores, and all braille magazines produced by the National Library Service.  To sign up for Web Braille, contact the outreach center  at1-800-657-2533 .

Presentations: Library staff are available for presentations on Talking Books.   Contact our  Talking Books Consultant  at 1-800-657-2533.

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