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Gmail How To: enabling mailto: links

If you’ve been frustrated because you use Gmail  in Chrome and can’t email someone by clicking on email links on a webpage, this post will show you up to remedy the issue. These links are often called mailto: links and you can get around them by copying the email address, but it’s much easier if …

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Are the Links at the Top of Google Mail and Your Other Google Pages Missing?

You’re not alone.  It looks like Google has been doing some updates and changed the layout of some of their pages.  You probably all remember having a list of links at the top of your Google Mail where you could get to the calendar, drive, etc. You may have recently noticed that those are missing. …

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Gmail Help

If you are a Gmail user, Google has a lot of good resources out there to help you organize and utilize your Gmail. I recommend getting started on their Gmail Tips and Tricks Page.    The directions are easy to follow and also print out nicely. Here are some of the tips I recommend checking …

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