How to: Create a Custom Web Address for your Library’s Facebook Page

When you create a Facebook page for your library, Facebook automatically gives it a name that looks something like this:  This isn’t a link that is easy to remember or easy to give out.

You can customize this so that your Facebook page web address is easier to remember.  This is called a custom or vanity URL or web address.  If you can’t tell whether your library’s Facebook page has a custom address or the given address, go to your library’s Facebook page and look to see if there a long number in the address by looking in the address bar.

Here’s how to add a vanity or custom url to your library’s Facebook page:

  1.  Log into an account that manages your library’s Facebook page and click on the link for your library’s page.
  2. Once you’re on the admin panel for your page, click on Settings.
  3. Click on Page Info
  4. Click on Page Info one more time
  5. Find the Facebook Web Address section. Click on Enter a Facebook web address and follow the prompts to change your Facebook page address.   facebook5

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to call Janelle at the SWKLS Office.

Need inspiration?  Here are some examples of vanity urls some of our libraries have selected: