Gmail How To: enabling mailto: links


If you’ve been frustrated because you use Gmail  in Chrome and can’t email someone by clicking on email links on a webpage, this post will show you up to remedy the issue.

These links are often called mailto: links and you can get around them by copying the email address, but it’s much easier if you can just click on the link and automatically be taken into your Gmail.   Oftentimes, when you click on an email link nothing will happen or Outlook or another email management program will open up on your computer if you have it installed.

You may have also noticed a message in your address bar in Chrome while you are in Gmail or Google Calendar that mentions something about installing a protocol handler with an icon that looks something like this:  handler

  1.  Open up chrome and log into your Gmail account.
  2. On the right hand side of your screen, you should see something similar to this:  handler2
  3. Click on the handler button and select Allow.  This will allow to open all email links.  
  4. Click Done.

Now whenever you click on a mailto: link the link should automatically open

You can also do the same thing Google Calendar and it will enable you the ability to save Google Calendar Events to your Google Calendar.

For more detailed information check out this post,   Chrome:  this page wants to install a service handler or Allow sites to open special types of links (handler)