Creating a Memorable Brand Experience Course


On October 9th, following the board meeting (1:00 pm), we’ll be hosting the course, “Creating a Memorable Brand Experience”

Brand experience is a term used in the business and marketing world, but has many implications for libraries and their services. A brand experience is how your brand’s actions are perceived by people. Every interaction between an individual and your “brand” can be seen as a brand experience
During this workshop, led by Tom Morse-Brown, attendees will look at some examples of created experiences, deconstruct them and look to create their own.
Offered as part of a series by the Enterprise Center in Johnson County, you’ll be able to come and learn more about some concepts that you can apply to your library’s “brand”. Melissa Roberts, Marketing Director at the Enterprise Center will also be here to talk about how you can support entrepreneurs and businesses in your own community.
Hope to see you there!