READ TO RED CARPET Downloadable Event Kit

Are you hoping to feature some of the books that will be made into movies this fall?  Meet Me @ The Library:  Is a series of event kits for your library brought to you by Random House.  These kits have program posters, downloadable materials, book selections, and more that celebrate community and bring people together!

This fall celebrate word and film in your library with Random House’s new Read to Red Carpet downloadable event kit.

read to red carpet

Download the Read to Red Carpet Event Kit:

Read to Red Carpet Library Display Poster

Read to Red Carpet Event Poster

Read to Red Carpet Table Tent Display

Read to Red Carpet Event Ideas

Programming tips for three blockbuster movies coming this fall: WILD,UNBROKEN, and GONE GIRL. (Each one-sheet provides suggestions for how these much-anticipated films can be celebrated with your library patrons.)

The Read to Red Carpet site also has a form you can fill out to request the kit in print form.  Hurry!  Supplies are limited!