Ten Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Libraries

Several SWKLS libraries have been using social media in very creative ways in their libraries.

1.  Posting trivia questions or any type of questions on social media

Stevens County Centennial

Stevens County fb

2.  Getting ideas from Pinterest for crafting events.    This library also has activities for kids to do while the parents craft.

Cimarron pinterest

3.  Announcing new material via Facebook.

Cimarron Books

jetmore new

4.  Posting fun memes or pictures

Jetmore meme

5.  Posting events to Facebook

jetmore poster



dodge city

6.  Posting library event pictures or videos to Facebook

kinsley photo

Rolla video

Kinsley vid


7.  Announcing winners


8.  Requesting items for craft projects


9.  Posting library pictures and decorations.  This gets people into your library and makes it inviting!

Ness 2

Greeley Christmas

Kearny County

10.  Thanking volunteers or those in the community.


What are some creative ways you have used social media used in your library, community, businesses, or other libraries?