Newsletter Changes

Re-posted from an email by SWKLS Director, Emily Sitz
We received a letter this week, dated January 7, from our local post office describing changes for “self mailers that are folded”. The changes went into effect on Jan 5. We don’t think our local PO had much notice of the changes which are related to new machinery. As our newsletter fits into this category and we just printed it, after the 5th, we are changing the method by which we get the newsletter to you, your board members, and your commissioners  You might also have a newsletter or belong to an organization which has a newsletter so we thought you might want to know about the new qualifications in case you haven’t been notified already:
  • No staples
  • Paper weight must be 70 lb book weight or 28 lbs bond (our newsletter was printed on 20lb bond)
  • All letters must be tabbed with no fewer then two tabs
SWKLS newsletter delivery week of Jan. 7th:
For public libraries on the courier: we will send you copies of the newsletter for yourself and your board of trustees. Please pass out the newsletter to your trustees. We will directly mail to your commissioners.
For public libraries not on the courier: we will mail the newsletter out to directors, local trustees, and commissioners via standard business envelope.
For schools: we will mail directly to librarians via standard business envelope.
The cost per mailing w standard envelope is .65. It used to cost just over $50 to mail the newsletter. We will have less postage costs using the delivery strategy outlined above.
We’re counting on courier librarians to share with their trustees and we appreciate you doing this. This is an excellent opportunity to promote the system to your trustees and we will greatly appreciate any PR ! If any non-courier libraries would like to have their trustee copies mailed to them then please let Tandy know.
The Budget Committee talked about doing this (newsletters on the courier) but after staff analysis showed that the cost wasn’t exceptional (esp w/a quarterly frequency), the committee dropped the matter. Now, however, we are talking about more expense with heavier paper and the additional labor required to tab and not staple. Let’s see how everyone likes this Jan delivery method.

* Antique Envelope * Parée via Compfight