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Do you own a Kindle or have patrons that do and are frustrated that it isn’t compatible with the 3M Cloud Library through the State Library of Kansas?  Please let Amazon know that compatibility with the 3M Cloud Library is important to you by visiting your Kindle’s customer service page and using the “contact us” link.

Directions on how to do this as well as a flier to post in your library to encourage patrons to do the same were sent out today by Lianne Flax from the state library.  Please click on the link below to download the flier.

Kindle Flier

Looking for more handouts and promotional materials for Kansas EZ Library?  Go to the Digital Books Resource Page on the State Library of Kansas website.


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    • Ryan on July 23, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    I fail to see how this is Amazon’s fault or problem.

    The State of Kansas is the one that chose to use 3M’s proprietary eBook application and format. They could have very well gone with a solution that used the industry standard mobi or epub formats that are compatible across most if not all eReaders.

    At the very least if you want to direct your anger at a company besides the State of Kansas, then I would suggest you direct it at Adobe, as they are the ones that make the Adobe Air software the 3M platform is built on. Adobe is the one that needs to create an Adobe Air app for the Kindle. Amazon cannot force Adobe to build the software if Adobe has no interest in doing so.

    • swkls on July 30, 2012 at 9:36 am


    Thank you for your comment. 3M Cloud Library uses the EPUB standard. However, Amazon has to agree to allow Kindle compatibility before a company can even proceed towards working on this for customers. Amazon already has this set up for another lending library vendor (EPUB and Adobe base, just like 3M).

    Many Kansas Kindle owners have been anxiously awaiting the ability to use the 3M Cloud Library. All we are asking is if you are a Kansas Kindle owner, please let Amazon know that you are interested in using the 3M Cloud Library. We hope that hearing that their customers would like to use this will help move things along.

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