How to Use NetworkedBlogs

NetworkedBlogs is a Blog Directory.  Think of it as the Yellow Pages of blogs.  NetworkedBlogs also lets you setup syndication to Facebook and/or Twitter for your blog once you list your site.  Note:  This will only work for library webpages that are blog based.  If you have a KLOW or WordPress page this will work for you.

Why should you or your library use it?

  • It gets your blog out there
  • You can easily syndicate your blog to your Library’s Facebook
  • The basic features we will be using are free!
  • It’s an easy way to promote your library’s website

1.  Go to the NetworkedBlogs homepage,   Click on the Add Your Blog button.

You may be asked to log into Facebook at this point if you haven’t already.

Note:  When you login make sure you login with a Facebook account that has admin rights for your library’s Facebook page.

2.  NetworkedBlogs has a Facebook app.  A pop-up like the one below will pop-up asking you to set the permissions for the app.  I would recommend setting it to “Friends of Friends” or “Friends”.  Click on Log in With Facebook.

3.  Now it will ask you to Register your blog.  In the Blog Link box enter the url of your library’s website or blog.  Click Next.  


4.  Enter in your Blog Name, Language, etc and click on Next.  

5.  Confirm you are the author of your website.  Click “Yes” that you are the owner of your blog.  It will then ask you how you want to confirm you are the owner.  You will have two options:  Asking friends to confirm you or installing the widget.   I would recommend doing whatever you think is easiest.  Sometimes it’s easier just to install the widget, otherwise you have to wait on friends to confirm you which may take a few days.

6.  Click on Install Widget.  This will take you to a screen with instructions on how to install the widget.

Option 1 is the option you will want to use.  Copy the code in the box and paste it into a Text Widget on the sidebar of your website.  If you don’t feel comfortable with this or need help please call me (Janelle).  After getting this into a sidebar widget and saved, click on the Verify Now button.

7.  Once you are verified it will ask you to refresh the page to see changes.  At this point it will pull in your posts and activate automatic syndication to Facebook and/or Twitter.  (This means it will pull your posts into Facebook automatically when you post to your site).  Click on “activate automatic syndication…” to begin the process.  

8.  Now you’re ready to setup the Syndication.  Choose the blog you want to syndicate (most likely you just have one), choose where you want to publish (Add Facebook or Twitter Target), and then customize your post.  The screen shots below will illustrate these steps.  

To Add a Facebook Target click on the “Add Facebook Target” button and then choose where you would like your website posts to show by clicking on Add next to the correct page.  I would recommend having it post to your library’s fan page.

Now you can Publish a Test Post or Customize Posts by clicking on the corresponding buttons or links.

Congratulations!  Your library’s blog is now setup with NetworkedBlogs and your posts will now show up on your library’s Facebook Fan Page.

For more information check out the following:

If you have any trouble or any questions please let me know.

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