Recorded Books and Zinio for Libraries Service Update

On March 10, 2015 Recorded Books and Zinio did a major service update.

The improvements for this upgrade include:


New patrons will create only ONE account to register for Zinio (no need to create dual accounts between both Zinio for Libraries and


A new app is available for iPad and Android apps only.   The iPhone and Kindle Fire HD/HDX apps will be coming soon.

This app is called Zinio for Libraries and you or your patrons will need to install the new app.   Any new patron registering for Zinio for Libraries and utilizing one of these apps will no longer need to link to the commercial site to create a second account, and the new app will no longer have a hyperlink to the commercial site suggesting titles for purchase.

NOTE: iPhone and Kindle Fire HD/HDX users will still utilize the existing dual account protocol until those  apps are released later this year.


All new users accessing Zinio for Libraries through their Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) or PC (IE10+, Chrome, Firefox) will benefit from the simpler account registration and enhancements to the user interface.

Please note that existing apps will remain active and patrons can continue to access any content they may have purchased through the Zinio commercial site.  To enjoy the enhancements on the new Zinio for Libraries app, existing users will be required to download the NEW app onto their device (it will not appear as an update to their existing app), and any content they have accessed through their library account will automatically appear on the new app.

To reflect these changes we redid the Zinio directions on our site.  If you linked back to your site for directions or have directions on your website you may want to change your directions to reflect the change or check the links back to our site to make sure they’re pointing to the new directions.

Recorded books also redesigned their marketing page, which is a lot easier to navigate.  Their marketing page now has previews for each document before you download them.  To reflect these changes we also updated our Resources for Libraries page.