Thing 2 Posted!

Thing 2

Thing 2 for our 12 Things SWKLS has been posted!  To find it go here or look under Resources and Services:  12 Things.

Thing 1 Posted

Thing 1

Thing 1 for our 12 Things SWKLS has been posted!  To find it go here or look under Resources and Services:  12 Things.

StoryWalk Books Available to Borrow

StoryWalk book1

storywalk book3

Savannah has completed the first set of StoryWalk® books. She cut apart each page of the book and laminated them. StoryWalk® books can be shared on yard signs, wooden stakes, in the windows of businesses, and a variety of other ways. You will be able to attach them with tape to whatever type of display, and remove them easily when your program is over. They will be sprayed with a UV protectant, to reduce fading when in the sun. Keep in mind that most of the books have at least some double page spreads, so you’ll want to hang those together.

There are currently 12 books available for loan to any SWKLS library. You can complete a request form starting today. The request form will ask you what title you would like to borrow, what date you would like to receive it, and what date you will be finished with it. This will help me get titles that may be in high demand to as many libraries as possible.

 Here’s a list of the books we have available:


 Here’s a link to the request form:


Or you can find this information on the SWKLS website, under Resources and Services.
StoryWalk pictures from a StoryWalk put on by Cimarron City Library

StoryWalk pictures from a StoryWalk put on by Cimarron City Library

12 Things SWKLS

12 Things SWKLS Horizontal

12 Things SWKLS is scheduled to start May 1!  Check back at on May 1 to see Thing 1:  Google Forms.  Check out the 12 Things SWKLS Page to find out more!

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be learning a new thing or technology skill each month.   For those of you that participated in 23 Things Kansas this program will be similar, but we’ll only have one topic or thing per month.    All of the topics will be online on the SWKLS website, under the Resources and Services tab.

Each lesson will be posted online on the first day of the month starting in May.  You’ll have until the last day of the month at 11:59 pm central time to complete each lesson and receive 2 hours credit.

Who can participate?
Any SWKLS library staff member

What’s in it for you?

  • You can work at your own pace
  • You can pick and choose which lessons you want to complete
  • You can receive 2 credit hours for completing each lesson
  • If you complete 12 lessons or things on time you will be entered into  grand prize drawings at the end.
    • You could win a $10 or $20 gift cards from places like Staples, Pizza Hut, and Dillons.
    • A large grand prize, to be announced, will also be available.
  • You can complete as many things or lessons as you want (only those who complete all 12 at the end of each month will be entered in the grand prize drawings)
  • You’ll get to learn lots of new things
  • You’ll get to participate with other SWKLS libraries
  • Not interested in learning the thing for the month? We’ll also have alternate lessons or things you can choose.
  • You’ll have fun as you learn!

Beginner Excel Learning Resources

This post contains links to handouts and resources shared during the Beginner Excel Training.  Please click on the links below to access the material.

Online Tutorials/Resources


Kansas Libraries on Instagram

Here are some SWKLS and Kansas libraries that we have discovered on Instagram.  If you know of others, please comment below or email Janelle  so she can add them to the list (

SWKLS Libraries:

Kansas Libraries (in no particular order):


Spring 2016 Newsletter

The Spring 2016 Newsletter is now available.  If you haven’t received it, yet you should be getting it soon via the courier or mail.

Here are some of the featured topics in this edition:

  • Tech Day Recap
  • Getting to Know You Librarian Feature
  • Library Happenings
  • Upcoming Events
  • And more…



Measuring and Describing Success Workshop

Friday, April 1, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (CDT)

Learning Center & First Stop
308 West Frontview Street
Dodge City, KS 67801

Measuring and Describing Success: Focusing on more than just the numbers
How would you know that your neighborhood was prosperous? By numbers from a census report, or by driving around, looking at the size of the homes, the make of the cars, the condition of the roads, and how the inhabitants were dressed? If the numbers said one thing, and the physical evidence showed another, which would have more credibility with you? In the same way, libraries can apply several different common sense methods to evaluate the success of library initiatives, including programming, collection policies, and marketing efforts.


  • Introduction: How Do We Measure and Describe Success?
  • Statistics (Outputs) versus Results (Outcomes)
  • The Importance of Being Specific and Concrete
  • Different Methods for Small Libraries and Institutions
  • How Can Numbers Fail: Why Quantitative Measures as Not Enough
  • What Do People Say And Do, And How They Behave
  • Evaluating People, Projects, and Plans
  • Why Stories are Necessary

Presented by Pat Wagner
Pat Wagner has been a trainer, educator, and consultant for 40 years, having worked with clients in 48 states and Canada. She is a manager and producer at Pattern Research, Inc. Pat likes to find the essence in models of human behavior and organizational design and build effective and engaging formats for learning: face-to-face, in print, and online. She has been a poet, playwright, printer, publisher, and graphic designer, and loves books, gardens, and the arts.


To register go to:

Tech Day 2016 Resources



Thank you everyone that attended our 2016 Tech Day and helped make it a great success!  All of our presentations and resources have been posted to our website on the Tech Day 2016 Resources page.  If we missed anything or if you have any questions, please let us know.


Winter 2015 Newsletter

The 2015 Winter Newsletter has been finished.  You should be receiving it soon via the mail or courier.

  • Here are  some highlights from this edition:
  • Stanton County Filling Holiday Need
  • Getting to Know You Librarian Feature
  • SWKLS Office News
  • Library NEWS

Winter Newsletter